Teutonic Series windows are impact certified to IPD4

Impact Performance

In coastal areas, hurricane force winds can wreak havoc on communities and result in massive devastation. Over the years, strict building codes have been implemented in these areas to require the use of high-performing products that withstand these harsh conditions. The most damage generally occurs when the envelope of a building is breached by wind-borne debris, causing a pressure difference between the interior and exterior of the building. This can occur when windows and doors are damaged. For this reason, windows and doors are tested and certified through a rigorous protocol meant to mimic 140 mph+ winds and flying debris. 

To reach an 'IPD4' designation, the units must withstand multiple impacts by an 8-foot long 2x4 shot from an air cannon at 50 feet per second. Even though the glass is now broken, it must remain within the unit to protect the building envelope. Then, to pass certification, the unit is submitted to 9,000 high wind cycles and must remain intact.

Kolbe Teutonic® Series windows and doors can be produced in versions that meet the protection requirement in these unforgiving environmental conditions. They have been tested and certified to meet the impact requirements in each of the series' product types: fixed units, tilt-turn windows, tilt-slide doors, sliding patio doors, and outswing doors.

Product Size Tested DP Rating Impact Zone
Tilt-Turn Window 44" x 80" DP65 IPD4
Fixed Window 48" x 98" DP65 IPD4
Tilt-Slide Door 96" x 96" DPG80 IPD4
Outswing Door* 74" x 98" DPG65 IPD4
Single Horizontal or Vertical Mull 107" x 77" DP70 IPD4
T-Mull or Plus-Mull 89" x 96" DP70 IPD4
Sliding Patio Door 96" x 96" DP50 IPD4

Units are continually being tested.
Please ask your dealer for the latest results.

NOTE: All units must use the North American frame to be impact certified.

*Four-sided frame required to meet these values.