AIA Continuing Education Courses

AIA Continuing Education System websiteKolbe believes in the advancement of knowledge; therefore, we are a Registered AIA/CES Provider. We provide architects "Learning Units" as required per state and/or professional memberships for their yearly requirements.

The following programs have been presented at various architectural offices in the United States. They are given by Kolbe's regional trainers and/or sales representatives. To arrange a presentation near you, please contact your Kolbe supplier.


  1. Window & Door Solutions for Educational Facility Design Challenges
    #KKWDS01 - 1 LU/HSW credit
    This course discusses how windows and doors relate to the overall design of an educational facility, whether it is a renovation or new construction project. Window and door options, trends, services, and design tools are considered in providing solutions to design challenges. 
  2. High-Performance Compression Seal Windows & Doors #KKCST01 - 1 HSW credit
    Learn about the design, construction, benefits, performance attributes, and applications of compression seal windows and doors within residential and commercial projects.
  3. Right Product for the Right Environment: Window & Door Types, Functions & Applications #KKRPRE01 - 1 LU/HSW credit
    This course will provide information on different types and functions of windows & doors. It will discuss how performance characteristics can be useful in specific applications. It will also cover design paradigms of larger units within the design/build industry, as more glass is used and larger units allow indoor living areas to extend to the outdoors.
  4. Glass Performance for Today's Building Codes & Designs #SGGLS3 - 1 HSW credit
    Learn how glass aids in energy efficiency; how certain types of glass can protect you from theft, UV rays, impact; what are some of the new innovative coatings for glass; and what are today's technological advances in glass.
  5. Replicating Windows & Doors for Historical Renovations #MPHA02 - 1 HSW credit
    Learn the benefits of preserving and/or restoring existing buildings; history of the window in early American architecture; historically approved light and glazing options, finishes and casings; and who are the players having jurisdiction for Historical Renovation projects and tax incentives for these projects.
  6. Finishing Touches: Enhancements, Options & Trends for Windows & Doors #MPFT02 - 1 HSW credit
    Learn what are the current options for windows and doors that gives Architects unique design flexibility; what are the benefits to the design professional and to the customer from state of art enhancements for windows and doors; and how do these new window & door trends affect the green movement and universal design.
  7. Impact Design in the Fenestration Industry #SGIMP2 - 1 HSW credit
    Learn what are some of the current policies and procedures in evaluating the need for impact design window and door products; which glazing systems and hardware components are best suited for impact design; who are the major players in certifying and evaluating impact products; and how can the right impact product protect your greatest investment - your home and/or business.
  8. Sustainable & Energy Efficient Windows & Doors: Contribution to Green Buildings #MPKKGR01 – 1 HSW credit
    Learn how quality windows and doors can contribute to sustainable green design due to their durability and energy-efficient technology; what are the different "Green Building" voluntary rating systems and how do they affect the selection of windows and doors; learn the importance of selecting the right windows and doors to meet the benefits of environmental stewardship; and reinforce the advantages of "Green Building" and it's benefits to the environment, economy, health, and community.