Tilt-Turn Windows


Tilt-turn windows have been extremely popular in Europe for over 50 years and are gaining popularity throughout North America and the rest of the world. The Kolbe Teutonic® Series offers a tilt-turn window suitable for commercial construction. The specialized hardware system allows the sash to tilt in at the top, which provides ventilation while maintaining a secure environment. The sash can also turn, or swing into the room, which provides more extensive ventilation and a wide opening for emergency escape. If desired, the tilt-turn can be manufactured as a tilt-only hopper unit, allowing ventilation only from the top, or as a turn-only unit, allowing ventilation from the side like an inswing casement.

This tilt-turn corner section has a North American frame.

Proven Performance

Compression seal technology is the basis for the design of Teutonic Series products. Dual overlapping neoprene gaskets provide excellent air and water resistance. The design provides sound control and enhanced security. As proof of their performance, Teutonic Series tilt-turn windows are tested by independent agencies and rated as follows:

  • Total unit U-Factors from 0.20 to 0.44, depending on the specific glazing options selected
  • Units are rated up to CW-PG80
  • DP65 performance
  • Sound Transmission Class rated up to a 43
  • Condensation Resistance ranges from 44 to 66

Please search the Energy database for more information.

Teutonic Series tilt-turn windows have been PHIUS-verified. This means that they meet high performance building principles and have been recommended as suitable for passive house projects in specific climate zones. Learn more.

Teutonic Series tilt-turn windows with certain glass options are ENERGY STAR® certified. Applicable units have achieved the following performance levels:

  • U-Factor 0.20 IP/US (USA measurement)
  • U-Factor 1.14 Metric/SI (Canada measurement)
  • SHGC 0.14 to 0.23
  • PG95

Standard handle (left) and keyed handle (right).

Hardware & Screens

Various types of hardware are available for tilt-turns. The first is a standard handle, which allows the sash to be turned or tilted in and opened. The hardware wraps completely around the sash, providing multiple locking points between the sash and frame.

The second is a keyed lock handle which can completely lock all operation, allow tilt-only operation, or allow operation only when the key is inserted. A key must be used to place the unit into the turn position.

Optional sill-mounted hardware has the handle on the bottom instead of the side. It features a longer lever arm and an integrated positive control that operates the window without using force.
Optional sill-mounted handle.

Optional sill-mounted hardware allows the window to be operated conveniently without using force. The handle is on the bottom instead of the side and features a longer lever arm. An integrated positive control brings the sash into the tilted position automatically when the handle is actuated.

All of the handle styles are available in finishes of White, Silver and Medium Bronze.

Traditional fixed insect screens with BetterVue® or UltraVue® screen mesh are available. Or, retractable screens with BetterVue mesh may be requested.

Teutonic Series tilt-turn windows have multi-functional operation. Learn more by watching this video.


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