Kolbe Teutonic® Series


Kolbe Teutonic® Series windows and doors are energy efficient and meet demanding structural performance levels. The design, hardware, and components combine to produce a superior-performing product for the commercial market segment.

  • Galvanized steel reinforces the uPVC frame and sash components, providing the structural integrity necessary for commercial projects.
  • The uPVC extrusions contain stabilizers to protect against fading from solar radiation. The surface quality of the extrusions helps repel dirt and maintain the vibrancy of the exterior color. The extrusions are designed with multiple chambers and thicker walls. This provides many benefits, including better energy performance, higher structural strength, and improved acoustic performance.
  • The heavy-duty uPVC extrusions are fusion-welded at all joints to create an impervious seal. This also eliminates the issues associated with mechanically-fastened corners, such as air and water intrusion, sound transmission, and poor energy performance.
  • The Kolbe Teutonic Series has two different frame options. The North American version (top) has a frame depth of 3-1/4" and a nailing fin for water tightness. It can be removed as needed for specific installations. The European version (bottom) has a narrower frame depth of 2-3/8" and does not have a nailing fin.

Compression seal technology is the basis for the design, making the Kolbe Teutonic Series perform well in all aspects of window and door testing. The dual overlapping neoprene gaskets provide excellent air and water resistance.

As proof of the superior quality, Teutonic Series products are tested by independent agencies and rated by organizations such as the NFRC, WDMA, ENERGY STAR® and more.