Teutonic Series windows and doors meet the needs of sustainable design projects

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design practices are becoming more common in the commercial building segment. The Kolbe Teutonic® Series provides a product that is truly sustainable in its inherent characteristics. The uPVC windows and doors were designed to be long-lasting, provide high thermal performance, and allow for large window-to-wall ratios for extended viewing area and flexibility in building envelope design.

Whether using these high-performing products in new construction or replacing older aluminum products, the benefits of using the Kolbe Teutonic Series are numerous. The thoughtful and practical design of steel-reinforced, thick-wall uPVC frame and sash members provides the core of its strength and functionality in a sustainable building. The uPVC material provides a very long service life and can resist fading over the lifetime of the product. Installing high-performance insulating glass units within the windows and doors provides the catalyst to achieving energy efficiency for the entire building envelope. The high-performance hardware provides easy-to-use functionality of the product with years of dependable service.

U.S. Green Building Council LEED

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design® (LEED) is a program with goals to lower operating costs and increase asset value of buildings; to conserve energy, water and other resources; and to provide healthier and safer structures for occupants. LEED certification can help you qualify for money-saving incentives, like tax rebates and zoning allowances.

The Kolbe Teutonic Series can contribute towards LEED points, as shown below.

Potential LEED Points

LEED Rating System (LEED-NC Version 2.2)
Category Credit Potential Points Kolbe Teutonic Series
Energy and Atmosphere 1. Optimizing Energy Performance 1-10 check mark
Materials and Resources 4. Recycled Content 1-2 check mark
Indoor Environment Air Quality 2. Increased Ventilation 1 check mark
Indoor Environment Air Quality 6.2 Controllability of Systems: Thermal Comfort 1 check mark
Indoor Environment Air Quality 8.1 Daylight and Views (Daylight 75% of Spaces) 1 check mark
Indoor Environment Air Quality 8.2 Daylight and Views (Daylight 90% of Spaces) 1 check mark
Innovation and Design Process 1.1-1.4 Innovation in Design 1-4 Kolbe's commercial distributors along with an integrated approach can assist with innovative solutions for LEED projects.