Sliding Patio Doors

Kolbe Teutonic® Series sliding patio doors offer performance and are especially useful where space is at a premium. The use of compression seal technology and innovative hardware elevate this unit's performance.

Proven Performance

Compression seal technology is the basis for the design of Teutonic Series products. Dual overlapping neoprene gaskets provide excellent air and water resistance. As proof of their performance, Teutonic Series sliding patio doors are tested by independent agencies and rated as follows:

  • Units are rated up to a LC-PG50
  • DP50 performance


Hardware & Screens

Teutonic Series sliding patio door handle sets are White for Cloud units and Clay for Sahara units; keyed cylinders can be requested. Optional Satin Nickel handle sets are keyed as standard. Dual-point or multi-point locking mechanisms are available for all handle sets.

Screens with BetterVue® mesh are available for installation on the job site.


Learn more about the features and options for Teutonic Series products:

Installation Instructions