Glass Options

Double Pane Insulating Glass

Standard Teutonic® Series windows are constructed with 1-inch thick, double pane insulating glass units. ThermoEdge spacer bars, LoE2-270 coating on surface #2, and argon gas* between the interior and exterior panes augment the insulating value. This combination achieves energy efficiency in all climates zones by blocking 83% of harmful UV rays and 96% of the sun's infrared heat.


Triple Pane Insulating Glass

Teutonic Series windows are available with 1-3/8" thick, triple pane insulating glass units. In addition to the ThermoEdge spacer bars and argon gas,* multiple LoE coatings can be used on the various glass surfaces to achieve even higher energy performance levels.

Low-Emissivity Coatings

Various LoE coatings are available to address the needs of specific climates. For example, LoE3-366 balances solar control with high visibility. LoE3-340 achieves solar control over a wider range of the spectrum than other LoE coatings.

To find a combination of product options to meet specific energy ratings, please search our Energy Database or consult our Energy Estimator.

Teutonic Series fixed and tilt-turn windows with specific options are ENERGY STAR® certified.

*Argon gas is not available when glass dimensions are less than 14" x 14" or units that require capillary/breather tubes due to being shipped over or installed in high altitude elevations. Units constructed without argon gas will have higher U-values.

High altitude situations occur when Kolbe double pane insulated glass units are shipped over or installed in areas that begin at 5000 feet above sea level. For triple pane insulated glass units, high altitude begins at 3500 feet above sea level. To find the energy performance for units in high altitude situations, use our Energy Database and select "Air" as the fill option for double or triple pane glass.