Fixed Windows

Teutonic Series fixed window with North American frames are rated up to CW-PG75

Kolbe Teutonic® Series fixed windows are high-performing stationary windows that can be used as stand-alone picture windows or mulled to other Teutonic products to create expansive window assemblies.

Proven Performance

Compression seal technology is the basis for the design of Teutonic Series products. Dual overlapping neoprene gaskets provide excellent air and water resistance. The design provides sound control and enhanced security. As proof of their performance, Teutonic Series fixed windows are tested by independent agencies and rated as follows:

  • Total unit U-Factors from 0.17 to 0.46, depending on the specific glazing options selected
  • Units with North American frames are rated up to CW-PG75
  • DP65 performance
  • Sound Transmission Class rated up to a 39
  • Condensation Resistance ranges from 45 to 66

Please search the Energy database for more information.

Teutonic Series fixed windows have been PHIUS-verified. This means that they meet high performance building principles and have been recommended as suitable for passive house projects in specific climate zones. Learn more.

Teutonic Series fixed windows with certain glass options are ENERGY STAR® certified. Applicable units have achieved the following performance levels:

  • U-Factor 0.17 to 0.20 IP/US (USA measurement)
  • U-Factor 0.97 to 1.14 Metric/SI (Canada measurement)
  • SHGC 0.0.17 to 0.46
  • PG75


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