Aesthetic Choices

North American Frames

North American frames have a design aesthetic most closely associated with traditional North American window products. Nailing fins provide water tightness, but can be removed if necessary for specific installations. The jamb depth is 3-1/4".

European Frames

The design of European frames is meant to mimic the aesthetic of storefronts. The simple lines and sleek design offer large, expansive glass areas, which are popular for commercial projects. The jamb depth is 2-3/8".

Integral Colors

Teutonic Series products are available in White, Beige, Sand, Bronze, Silver, and custom colors

The uPVC is available in two integral colors – Cloud and Sahara – which will be visible throughout the window unit, from the exterior to the interior, unless a foil laminate color is chosen.

Foil Laminate Colors

The colors of Silver, Bronze or Midnight can be achieved through a durable, high-end EXOFOL FX foil laminate. This multi-layer film is UV resistant, dirt-repellent and easy to clean. It is designed for the exterior of Teutonic products, but may be requested on the interior as well.*

*Added cost and/or longer lead times may apply. On-screen colors may vary, therefore color selections should be made based on actual color samples.

Performance Divided Lites

Visual division can be achieved without sacrificing energy efficiency by using Performance Divided Lites. These 1-3/8" wide, beveled bars are adhered to the interior and exterior of a single insulating glass unit. Plus, bars are held within the insulating glass unit – thereby simulating the appearance of true divided lites without sacrificing the U-factors offered by the large, unobstructed thermal break of the insulating glass unit.