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Several Teutonic® Series products have been PHIUS-verified. Learn more.
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Commercial construction projects require energy-efficient products that meet demanding structural performance levels. Each building is designed to be aesthetically-pleasing and evoke a specific architectural style. Kolbe offers window and door products that are designed to meet these rigorous requirements.

With compression-seal technology and multiple locking points, Kolbe's Teutonic Series leads the industry in thermal performance. This helps create building envelopes with large window-to-wall ratios that minimize energy loss, reduce condensation, enhance security, and provide acoustic control. The energy performance of Teutonic Series products is outstanding, with glass options available to reach total U-values as low as 0.17 for fixed windows.

Teutonic Series windows and doors are available with glass options that are suitable for any climate, and will perform in new construction, renovation, replacement, or any commercial building situation.